SC Department of Public Safety Assistant Resident Construction Engineer/HD65/6C (61034917) in Chesterfield County, South Carolina

Under limited supervision, serves as the Assistant Resident Construction Engineer in the Chesterfield Construction Office. Coordinates the construction, quality assurance inspection and surveying on complex highway and bridge construction projects, and ensures work performed by contractors meets all applicable state and federal regulations and standards. Assists with the generation of contract documents and official correspondence and ensures all required contract submittals and construction records are obtained in a timely and accurate manner. Serves as the Assistant Resident Construction Engineer. Coordinates and supervises field engineers and technicians, ensuring a properly trained, certified and skilled workforce monitors construction activity on assigned highway and bridge construction contracts. Ensures minimum sampling and testing requirements and quality assurance specifications are met and ensures all inspection work and highway, bridge and utility construction activity is properly documented by field inspectors and engineers. Verifies quantities measured for payment to the contractor are accurate and in compliance with contract provisions and departmental policy. Monitors all contract and utility construction activity on assigned projects, ensuring compliance with contract plans and specifications and all applicable local, city, state, and federal specifications, laws, permits, and regulations. Ensures all construction-related right-of-way agreements are properly obtained and closely followed during construction. Assists the Resident Construction Engineer with general office correspondence and with the generation of contract documents and monthly construction pay estimates. Verifies all required contractor submittals are received in a timely manner are accurate and are properly maintained on file for the duration of the contract. Assists the RCE with correspondence required to close construction contracts following final acceptance. Meets with highway and bridge contractors, local, city, state and federal authorities, utility company representatives and the general public concerning construction related issues. As a representative of the SCDOT, ensures the interests of the department are clearly communicated and protected during conflict. Ensures construction conflicts and complaints are resolved in a timely, ethical, practical and cost effective manner. Assists the RCE with miscellaneous office management tasks. Verifies department property and office supplies are procured and maintained in an acceptable manner, assists with human resources management, ensures a safe and productive work environment, ect. Verifies highway and bridge construction are completed to the correct survey line and grade. Performs other duties as assigned by RCE.

Minimum and Additional Requirements: A bachelor's degree in engineering or engineering technology and two (2) years of entry-level engineering work experience; or an approved acceptable equivalence in accordance with State Human Resources Regulations.

A valid motor vehicle operator's license is required.

Job Title: Assistant Resident Construction Engineer/HD65/6C (61034917)

Agency: Department of Transportation-District 4

Opening Date: Mon. 06/04/18

Closing Date/Time: Mon. 06/25/18 11:59 PM Eastern Time

State Salary Range: $39,960.00 - $73,935.00 annually

Agency Hiring Range: Min: $57,892 Max:$73,935

Job Type: FTE - Full-Time

Location: Chesterfield County, South Carolina

Normal Work Schedule: Monday - Friday (8:00 - 5:00)