Sykes Maintenance Assistant Kingstree, SC in Kingstree, South Carolina

Maintenance Assistant Kingstree, SC

This position keeps the office building or similar building, roadways and grounds in clean and orderly condition, by performing the following duties on a daily basis.


Adherence to SYKES policies on ethics and integrity.

Sweeps, mops, scrubs, and vacuums bathrooms, hallways, break rooms, entrances, office space and all work area's including Telephony & Server rooms.

Washes tables, chairs, counters and vending machines in break rooms.

Dusts, washes tables, cleans white boards, washes walls and vacuums carpet in all training rooms.

Cleans and sanitizes all sinks and drinking fountains.

Dusts and washes down work stations in all four quadrants.

Empties trash, garbage containers and paper receptacles throughout facility.

Keeps glass doorways and windows clean throughout facility.

Cleans all mirrors and light fixtures, etc.

May perform other duties as needed.